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Hotspot finder app blabs 2 million Wi-Fi network passwords

This should come as no surprise, but it still sucks big-time: thousands of people who downloaded a random, very popular app called WiFi Finder found that it got handsy with users’ own home Wi-Fi, uploading their network passwords to a database full of 2 million passwords that was found exposed and unprotected online. The leaked database was disc...

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How to secure three common entry points in your home

According to the latest FBI crime report, more than a third of all burglaries occur through unforced entry. In other words, homeowners could prevent one out of every three burglaries by locking entry points like doors and windows. Below, we’ve detailed several security solutions you can use to properly secure entry points to your home. 1. Doors...

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Risks Posture for any Organization

Every organization is formed on a Vision to do something. It sets up certain Objectives to achieve the desired goals of their Vision. To act on those objectives, it inducts Human Resources who can create, perform and manage the deliverables defined by t...

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